A new acquisition strategy in Travel Retail : The Air Miles

Hi Duty Free launches its new app « Instamiles », a looking-forward and innovative way to optimize store traffic in airports while suggesting Frequent Flyers to earn extra Miles.


Hi Duty Free continues to be committed to boosting the Travel Retail business with its new Instamiles app dedicated to a global community of Frequent Flyers. 

« Earn extra Miles is now easier for them! They simply take one or several requested pictures in the shopping area while they are waiting at the airport. » said Olivier Dancette, Hi Duty Free and Instamiles Founder.

This app attracts more than 90 million Frequent Flyers to all airside stores around the world by pushing photo missions with Award Miles just prior to boarding. Frequent Flyers no longer hesitate to leave their lounge to make the most of their travel time and get more and more Miles directly in their loyalty programs.


This application is now available in english on the App Store and Google Play and need Internet connection ( 3G, 4G, the official airport free wifi...) to function properly.

How Travel Retail business can get smarter with Miles ?


The Instamiles app increases the visibility of brands and their products with a single distribution channel and informs Frequent Flyers of promotional offers or special events juste before boarding.

Loyalty programs accepted


Actively seeking more Miles, Frequent Flyers are immediately attracted by Award Miles of missions and do not hesitate to leave their lounge to your Point of Sale.  Instamiles is responsible for managing all Points and Miles transfers in 110+ loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs accepted


The app also offers brands the opportunity to generate in-store impulse buying with exclusive offers suggested at the end of missions. Tracking sales is easy thanks to periodic reports and result-driven missions allow brands to get useful data for their business. 



Frequent Flyers - http://www.instamiles-app.com/

Travel Retail partners - http://pro.instamiles-app.com/

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