Second-hand luxury products versus huge savings with new products from the travel retail

The development of reselling or renting luxury product websites is a global trend. 

It is the best solution for the consumer’s need of change and it also answers to the restricted purchasing power most of the people suffer. This kind of platforms enables to disrupt a timeless luxury industry, which uses the rarity as one of their strength.

Indeed, it is merely impossible to find and buy iconic luxury products from famous brands. These latter completely control their distribution channels but the Internet is democratizing products that had always seemed inaccessible to regular people. Yet, the offers and certifications they provide have a price: a commission on the product price fluctuating between 15% to 20%

Nevertheless, one cannot consider that it’s easy to find on those websites everything he wants. The proliferation of classified ads and the permanent search of reselling websites prove it :

So what can we do in order to enlarge the luxury distribution channels?

Making duty-free products from airports accessible to the greatest number of people is one way to deal with the problem. That’s the ambition of Hi Duty Free and the mission we want to achieve by offering exclusive and new luxury products at duty-free prices. It means permanent and significant savings comparing with the departure and arrival downtown prices (10% to 20%).