Matching Frequent Flyers with At Home Duty Free Shoppers : A new shopping « window-to-the-world » to airports

Business travellers and regular travelers prefer to visit the lounge and to work and more than half of this passengers still don’t buy.

At the top of the to-do list of every European airport is how to encourage the 50% of terminal-tied passengers to browse and spend in airside shop area. Drive more non aeronautical revenues is key to long-term success because diminishing returns from aeronautical sources have forced to rethink the traditional revenue model.


With space at a premium and infrastructure strechted to the maximum, is there a more efficient way for airports to increase passenger spend ?

A new shopping « window-to-the-world » is now available to Geneva Airport. 

Hermes, Omega, Rado, Tissot, Longines, Rolex, so luxury products in airside area can be purchased from outside the airport environment with the matching frequent flyers and At home duty free shoppers located in final destination countries : Beijing in China, Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia, New York and Washington in United States of America.

The technology and travel retail Marketplace to achieve this matching is available and Hi Duty Free has developed a unique solution built specifically for airports to sell services both directly and indirectly, reaching more potential customers. This Travel Retail Market and Airports CRM (Customer Relationship Management) where Frequent Flyers and Shoppers agree on Duty Free shopping missions allows to match flyers from European Airports who share their boarding pass with "At home dutyfree shoppers" in China, Russia and USA. Genuine luxury products are purchased by flyers for VIP customers and personal shoppers, etc. It makes commercial sense to incorporate these services as an integral part of the travel chain, a natural add-on to any flight booking. When the frequent flyer shares his boarding pass with "At home duty free shoppers" in the World, frequent flyer boosts air miles in his airline loyalty program.

Travel retail Marketplace's purpose is to make accessible luxury brand products at home shoppers that they traditionally find in Duty Free airports shops. At home shoppers enjoy products from overseas thanks to frequent flyers. Huge savings with downtown prices are shopper’s key benefits.

In doing so, airports can increase non-aeronautical revenues, whilst providing passengers with a more seamless airport experience. The knock-on effect is additional revenue for the airport with an increase of shop’s frequentation of business travelers. Innovation service gives business travelers the opportunity to build a fully comprehensive trip plan which incorporates shopping as a logical step in their booking flow.